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In the ever-changing world of social media, The Social Sparq Plug is your one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing. Each week, our online marketing team meets to discuss the latest trends and updates happening on social media platforms, design rebrands, unique campaigns and more.

We’ve aggregated the best creative, noteworthy news and campaigns from the past week. Here’s the hot take from the minds of our online marketers!

Social Media Updates You Need To Know This Week

Facebook announced that it would be ranking comments on Pages and profiles with a significant following, the goal of it to make conversation more meaningful. By promoting a more meaningful conversation, the outcome should allow users to see posts and comments which are most relevant. Many of these changes come from their recent survey data, and the ongoing surveys distributed to its platform users.

Also new from Facebook, released in a whitepaper, the company outlined objectives and specifications of a new cryptocurrency–called Libra. The cryptocurrency, in development for a more than a year, will allow payments to be processed over the internet globally, and incorporate the 1.7 billion people around the world who don’t have a bank account or line of credit.

3 Creative “Sparqs” To Light Up Your Imagination

Spain’s Postal Service Rebrand

300-year’s young is how Spain is looking at its postal service, Correos, with a new rebrand from. The new identity pays homage to the original process of mail delivery from the 18th century, involving postmen playing a horn to alert people to arrive at the town plaza and collect their mail.

The Correos logo features a “refined post-horn symbol – a cornamusa in Spanish – wider counters and more white space, a retouched crown on top, and a simplified cross to aid readability” says Summa’s creative director, Pablo Amade.

Correos’s new branding features a new logo, heavy white space, sans-serif typefaces, and bright new colors. Photo source: Design Week.

Design It For the Gram’

One of our Online Community Managers shared an Instagram account run by Alex Freitas, an architect who highlights unique design utilizing the swipe and multiple image post features. The specific Instagram post gave awesome inspiration to our team as a exceptional way of featuring what appears to just be a bathroom for commercial use. The beautiful coral (an obvious ode to Pantone’s Color of the Year) doesn’t hurt either.

“Stranger Things” Happening at Burger King

In a partnership with Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” the marketing ploy extraordinaire announced it will soon sell an “Upside-Down Whopper” sandwich. Essentially, Burger King is serving the standard Whopper, rather swapping the bottom of the bun with the top, making it seem like we’ve all journeyed into the ominous “Upside Down.” Playing on the popular “Stranger Things” parallel universe, the fast food giant pushes to promote the upcoming season 4–as we’ve seen many other brands do in the past weeks. Would you try it?

What is Supervised and Unsupervised Learning?

Finally, our terms of the week! These relate to the evolving world of marketing and artificial intelligence. Gaining prominence as a medium, AI now has two different learning features important to note.

Supervised learning is a form of machine learning which does not function independently but requires human input–data goes into the machine supervised by a person, while the computer works toward a specific outcome. Unsupervised learning requires little or no human involvement. This type of learning allows the machine to draw conclusions on its own from patterns that it finds.

Join us on Mondays to hear what brands are ‘sparqing’ our creativity. What rebrands occurred? What bullet points in your marketing strategy might need a change? How do you get your clients the best return on their investment (ROI)? For last week’s Sparq Social Plug head here.

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