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May 3, 2019


Sparq Employees Hold Ad 2 Fed Board Positions for 2019-2020 Year

PITTSBURGHAd 2 Pittsburgh will be announcing their new leadership board for the 2019-2020 year. Included on that board are Sparq’s Project Coordinator Kristen Psica and Executive Producer Adele Stewart.

Psica, who has previously sat on the board for three years as the Ad 2 Secretary, is excited to continue to serve as secretary while also taking on the role of the organization’s Vice President.

“I am so thankful to be involved in an organization that gives back in exciting, fun ways. I also love being able to network with other people in the industry,” Kristen said, adding that she is ready to help grow Ad 2 and involve and engage the members in their own personal career development.

Adele Stewart will be taking on the Multicultural and Diversity Chair, which is a position that is being reintroduced to Ad 2 Pittsburgh, as the need for inclusion within the organization becomes more pressing.

“I come from a very diverse family and background. In college, I was a Public Relations intern at the African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pa where I was able to learn and develop an understanding of recruitment as it pertained to minority small business leaders,” Stewart said. “Having an inclusive environment that represents minorities is really important to me, so I’m grateful that I get the opportunity to do it for Ad 2.”

Tiff Setzler, Ad 2 President, noted that there is more interest in involvement than ever this year. The board grew from just three people to seven eager leaders bringing forth a wide array of specialties and skill sets which will further the momentum of Ad 2.

The board not only includes Psica and Stewart from North Shore’s Sparq Designs, but also representatives from Actual Size, Eat N’ Park Hospitality Group, Fifth Influence, and MarketSpace Communications.

“This year we’re really looking to grow and bring more awareness to Pittsburgh than ever before,” Setzler said of her board. “I’m excited to see what [our new leadership] can do together.”

The Ad 2 Pittsburgh is a branch of Pittsburgh Advertising Federation. Ad 2 is for young professionals under 32, in college or fresh out that live in the Pittsburgh area. The organization is made up of individuals who are either in the advertising and marketing fields or are eager to get involved.

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