The Sparq culture is a combined effort of everyone’s unique traits. When you walk into our office, you’ll feel the warmth (because our office is really hot…all the time) and from the melting pot of personalities that create our Sparq family. We are hungry: for business, for success, for happiness, for snacks, for compassion, for results. We are opinionated and understanding. We aren’t afraid to take risks. We are creators, campaign managers, leaders, innovators, photographers, actors, team players, teachers, musicians and coffee connoisseurs.


We offer the manpower to create and instill change, always believing that brands possess the power to influence the world. We focus in on the five senses and bring it home in all of our marketing efforts. Whether it is a website, print design, social media, a campaign, photography – we engage the five senses and bring ideas to life. Every member of this team brings a new skill or expertise to the table but we have common ground with our vast creativity, passion and empathy. We work our hardest to see you succeed – making your business’ success our number one priority. Your success drives our success, and that’s what it’s all about.