When people
ignite thoughts,
they become ideas

Pittsburgh, PA
Nashville, TN

We believe that effective marketing captures attention. It triggers an emotion and ignites a connection with people. Great marketing, stays on people’s minds and creates an impression that lasts. Marketing should be directed by the people you’re trying to reach and not by the list of services that you provide.

People want to feel a connection. A connection to people, a connection to brands, a connection to products. We believe that great brands find ways to connect with people. When we create these connections, communities are established, and this is how ideas spread.

We want to be known for doing great work.
We don’t like to lose.
We embrace change.
We learn from our mistakes &
We won’t stop until we get it right.

Damn Right.

Nick Brucker

CEO & Founder


Entrepreneurship, working out, cooking, meeting new people, wine, golf, football, shoes, pizza, music, joggers, the sound of running water.


Songs less than 3 minutes, smartcars, being late, telemarketing, horseradish.


  • Pittsburgh Business Times: Best Places to Work

  • Pittsburgh Business Choice Awards: Web Design & Development

  • #9 Fastest Growing Company According to Pittsburgh Business Times