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May 20, 2019


Sparq Hires SEO Manager


Sparq SEO Manager Brady Ashe
Brady Ashe was hired as SEO Manager

PITTSBURGH — Last month, Sparq hired Brady Ashe as its SEO manager to take over all search engine optimization projects for the company and its clients.

“As the Sparq Designs SEO Manager, I’ll be conceiving and executing at-scale technical and content-focused web optimizations to maximize our client portfolio’s organic visibility and engagement,” Ashe said. “I’m very excited for the opportunity to work alongside the great group of digital marketing pros that Nick and Jim have built here and getting the chance to embed myself in a forward-thinking culture that’s dedicated to fostering growth and excellence for our clients and for ourselves.”

Ashe has a great deal of experience in the SEO world under his belt, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge that will help Sparq and its clients rank better in the search engine world. His work will allow the Sparq team to better serve its clients strategically through how content is written and sites are developed.

“The future of search is something that we are very interested in,” Sparq CEO, Nick Brucker, said. “We feel that this space is going to see a lot of disruption both locally and globally as people adapt emerging technologies. We want to be leaders in this space and feel that this is a necessary step to getting us there.”

Sparq looks forward to expanding its horizons in SEO with Ashe leading the way.

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