A perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics to drive results | Web Development

Web design obviously has to be pleasing to the eye. Our motto when it comes to design is “Anything you can imagine, we can create.” While we are meticulous with finding the right layout, look, and theme to fit your personal or business needs, we also know that looks aren’t everything. Effective web development requires much more.

Far too many web developers focus too much on aesthetics rather than functionality and user experience. Who wants to labor over technical stuff when you can play with color palettes, fonts, and graphics? We do. We recognize that eye candy can only get you so far. A tricked out Ferrari isn’t all that special if there’s nothing substantial under the hood. A nice looking website is just that. A nice looking website. For a website to be effective it must be easy to navigate, informative and engaging, and crawlable to search engines.

We Balance Professional Needs with Cool Design

When you work with Sparq Designs, you get far more than an eye-catching website. You get a website that serves both prospective and current customers or clients. A look that is distinctly yours combined with all of the nuts and bolts that brings your website to life. The coding and processes that ensure your site functions properly for your customers and clients, curious visitors, and the search engines you need to index it. We strive for a seamless user experience that showcases your unique branding, gets you found online, captures the attention of those visitors, and nourishes and engages them to a sales-ready state.

We’ve Got Your Back While You Maintain Total Control

We’ve found that very few business owners and decision makers are keen on relinquishing total control. There is always a concern that we will build a site that requires us to be called for the slightest update or change.

Although we’d be more than happy to continuously handle changes and updates for you, we actually empower businesses with the ability to easily tackle updates on their own. This way website and blog content can be kept fresh or tweaked whenever needed. This is the reason we build our sites on the WordPress platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress isn’t just for basement bloggers anymore. Today, WordPress is widely regarded as the most popular open source content management system available. Editing or publishing content and inserting images is simple with the incredibly user-friendly WordPress administrative dashboard. WordPress also has an extensive plugin directory for additional functionality. Whether you want to add a video gallery, calendar, Twitter Feed, or social media icons, there is likely a plugin available – often times for free.

Why Does Sparq Design Use WordPress for Web Development?

  • Search Engine Friendly – Search engines LOVE its clean and simple coding. We want search engines to love your site.
  • Ease of Use – WordPress has an intuitive interface and doesn’t require you to have HTML knowledge.
  • Browser Based – All of your website’s files can be accessed and managed from any Internet connected computer without FTP software.
  • Built in Blog – If you’d like to start blogging to expand your company’s reach, WordPress has built-in blogging capabilities that can be implemented very easily.
  • Scalable – Ideally your web presence will grow your business and the WordPress platform is scalable enough to accommodate any and all growth without compromised performance.

Of course, we’re only a phone call away if you ever slip up and need support. Sparq Designs is committed to being an integral part of your success. We make your vision a reality and love to see jaws hit the floor when people finally see something they once only visualized in their head brought to life right before their very eyes. We want you to proudly direct people to your URL. We want you to be confident that they’re being directed to a website that works and truly represents you and your services. And, of course, we want you to tell them that the team at Sparq Designs is who made it all happen for you.