Our Family

Our team is one of the most defining factors at Sparq. Each one of our employees possess different skills that complement one another. This allows us to assign the most wholesome and expert employees for your business’ needs. Not to mention our team works together as a family, thus opening doors for improvement and collaboration that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in your average agency setting. Our expertise make us an online marketing company, but our team is what makes us a successful, one-of-a-kind online marketing company that will always go above and beyond for our clients.

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    Nick Brucker


    As a kid, Nick’s parents taught him the importance of working hard and following his dreams. He has already had a desire to create ideas and market them. He once got in trouble in elementary school for selling beaded bracelets with athletes names, numbers and colors on them (of course “Griffey 24” was his top seller), because they were strategically priced in line with school lunches. In 2013, Nick conceived the idea of Sparq Designs in an apartment bedroom, with a goal to help individuals and businesses grow by utilizing digital marketing. Today, the goals remain the same, but the vision, the team and the office look much different.


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    James Blundo

    Vice President

    Jim co-founded Sparq Designs in late 2012 alongside his college friend, Nick Brucker. His prior work experience took him throughout the country where he learned how to communicate clearly and effectively with high-level professionals. His expertise is in creating and developing relationships with business partners and clients. A fatherly figure at the office, and an actual father at home, Jim keeps the team in line… and let’s us get away with a few things. Jim is also the king of conceptualizing wild ideas. Have him come up with one on the spot, you won’t be disappointed.


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    Adele Stewart

    Senior Project Manager/Marketing

    Adele has always been interested in theatre, fiction writing, pop-culture and technology. After attending Clarion University, Adele worked as the Director of Social Media at a web development company in Erie before moving to Pittsburgh to pursue new adventures in fall 2015. What better way to combine her gift of understanding human emotion (props to the theatre!), her wild imagination, her zealousness for writing, and her obsession with memes and mobile devices than in a marketing role in a growing digital agency? Adele makes sure to use the phrase “it’s lit” at least 8 times a day around the office and will force us to stop what we’re doing to help her edit pictures for her dog’s instagram account. (shameless plug: @liljacktheschnauzer)


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    Phil Mulkins

    Lead Developer

    Phil is a self-taught Website Guru. With no college degree in web development, Phil learned every aspect of building websites from the ground up. From Logo & Graphic Design, to mastering college grade books of PHP/MYSQL Programming, CSS/HTML, WordPress, Javascript, Jquery, IOS Mobile Applications and other programming languages. Since Phil has joined the Sparq team, he has achieved great success in the field of web development education and experience.

    In his spare time, Phil enjoys fishing, gardening, playing pool, and spending quality time with his family and three dogs. Phil married in 2008 and has one foster child whom joined the U.S. Marine Corp. in 2016. In the Spring and Summer months, when he isn’t trying to catch the one that got away, he loves to just sit back outdoors and take in the sights and sounds of nature in his own backyard. His favorite part of the day is eating dinner, having a cup of coffee, while watching The Andy Griffith Show. He appreciates the small simple things in life!


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    Kait Roth

    Online Marketing Manager

    “To the city of bridges she goes!” Graduating from Westminster College and gaining industry experience working as a digital media strategist, Kait brought her talents to Pittsburgh and joined the ranks at Sparq in the summer of 2015. A busy bee in the city, Kait is earning her Master of Arts at Point Park University, where she also works as a graduate assistant and adjunct professor. A jack of many trades but soon to be “Master” of one, Kait’s experience with big brands and quirky creativity combine to dream up and implement epic digital marketing campaigns for the Sparq clientele. All she needs is 12 cups of coffee.


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    Jenna Sasala

    Graphic Designer

    Jenna joined Sparq’s team in September of 2015 as our Lead (and, at the time, only) Graphic Designer. Jenna’s design work is driven by the success of her clients in achieving their branding and design goals – and it shows in everything she produces. During her time in college, she started and grew her own photography business, Jenna Hidinger Photography, which specializes in location portraiture and wedding photography. Jenna’s hardworking attitude keeps the team on track, but Jenna’s real value lies in the photos she shares of her and her husband Nick’s Bichon Frise puppy, Rhylan.


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    Chad Parise

    Graphic Designer

    Chad joined Sparq Designs immediately upon graduating from Kent State University in May of 2016 with a bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Photo-Illustration. While at Kent, Chad played hockey for the Golden Flashes from 2012-2016 where he served as an alternate captain. Chad has a very strong passion when it comes to design and believes that it has limitless possibilities. When not at Sparq Designs you can find Chad at, you guessed it, a hockey rink where he is a coach for the Seneca Valley High School hockey team. Fun fact: Chad is the only Sparq team member that doesn’t drink coffee.


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    Lizz Venanzi

    Social Media Manager

    As a 2016 Westminster College graduate, Lizz was looking for a job that allowed her to mesh her two degrees in Public Relations and English. As an avid reader, creative thinker, communicator and grammar nerd, she found herself right at home in the fast-paced, inspirational office of Sparq Designs. Lizz’s skills mold perfectly into the expectations of a social media manager. She has been creating unique content, learning new online marketing skills, drinking lots of coffee, editing blogs, and thriving in the Sparq community ever since. We can almost guarantee you’ve never met anyone as excited about anything as Lizz.


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    Dan Montgomery

    Video Production Manager

    Upon graduating high school, Dan discovered his love for telling visual stories and decided to roll with it. After he attended Penn State University, he began to play in a professional band and used it to truly hone in on his production skills. From there, he began producing documentaries that focused on the amazing artist in Pittsburgh. Dan was picked up by Sparq in late 2016 to create eye-catching videos for various clients including Refresh Dental and Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant, and the rest was history. Dan’s been capturing the daily happenings at Sparq and kept us laughing ever since.


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    Bri Nellis

    Online Community Manager

    Bri Nellis is a silent but powerful force to be reckoned with. A Clarion native, Bri joined the Sparq Designs team as a summer intern in 2016 and after graduation from Clarion University, moved to the big city of Pittsburgh to start full-time. Her role at Sparq involves social media, graphic design, project management, photography and the occasional Whole Foods run. There is never a time when she doesn’t have some sort of camera in her hand; ready to capture exciting moments that will inevitably become memories. We can always count on Bri to barrel through the workday but not without a Guru energy drink in her hand.


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    Jacqui Holiday

    Digital Marketing Intern

    Jacqui is a Digital Marketing Intern at Sparq Designs. Approaching graduation from Westminster College this Spring, she is planning to settle in the Pittsburgh area and live in full swing with the creative, vibrant community of the ‘burgh. She loves all aspects of the creative industry from graphic design to social media marketing and everything in between. With intern experience in small businesses, corporate groups, non-profits, and now an agency, she hopes to follow the agency track and the thriving environment that is found at Sparq.


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    Zeke Baez

    Business Development Specialist

    Ezekiel “Zeke” Baez is the Digital Marketing Sales Specialist at Sparq Designs. Born in Miami, FL he joined Sparq Designs in early 2017 with the motivation and excitement to bring sunshine to the sales department. The appeal to bring Zeke on board at Sparq stemmed from the YouTube channel he shares with his wife, Nina, where the two share their strides in living a healthy lifestyle as well as their Pittsburgh endeavors. (Check them out: Nina and EZ) Zeke currently has 8 years of experience in customer service and is recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.