Behind the Design – Dan Montgomery

Meet new hire, Dan Montgomery!

Dan graduated from Penn State and he enthusiastically joined our Sparq team as video production manager. Matched with his unique and fun personality, he brings video expertise to the team. With a creative video style and a knowledge of quality production products, he has already provided Sparq with a new edge to the business. Get to know Dan.

Video Production Manager, Dan Montgomery

Q: Give us some insight into your morning routine!
A: Where to begin… I start off the day at 7:55, which just so happens to be exactly 10 mins before Ii have to leave! In that quick 10 minutes before I leave for my awesome job, I have just enough time to brew me some morning blend and toss some pants on!

Q: Three apps that help with your work…ready go!
A: Don’t even have to think on this one! Number one go to has to be Reddit! Yes, I’m a redditor, big shocker. r/Filmmakers has really helped me shape into the filmmaker and editor I am today! Secondly, Spotify. Being a musician now for urrrr 16 years now –  you could say that I bleed the entertainment industry. For the last one, I’m going to stick with good ole youtube. One of the best sources for inspiration these days IMHO.

Q: What music do you listen to while you’re working?
A: Definitely the most difficult question on this list, that’s for sure. Let’s see, lately my main jam has been Chill Out Electro Indie and Jazzy Hip-Hop! Really gets the creative juices flowing!

Q: What’s your dream job (besides working at Sparq =])
A: Another hard question! One side of me wants to say professional jazz musician (which I’ve already lived the professional musician lifestyle) and another side of me wants to say being a big blockbuster director! My love for film and music go hand in hand together which makes this a hard toss up! But right now I would lean more towards being a director!

Q: If you could sit down and have an hour-long conversation with any person alive or deceased who would it be?
A: Maynard Ferguson. Who’s that you ask? Well, he’s known to be one of the greatest jazz trumpet players to have ever lived. I’d love to get a chance to sit down and discuss how he created the amazing arrangements and his overall love of music and performance with him!

Q:Who is your idol in the business world? Why?
A: In the current market I think Mark Zuckerberg is a fantastic example of who to look up to. He took an idea, dropped out of school and ran with it. To go to a net worth of over 56 billion in the small time frame that he did with the simple idea he had is truly remarkable.

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