4 of the Most Unique Holiday Advertisements Thus Far

Thanksgiving has passed, and now it’s time to jump into the holiday season. Businesses and corporations have already dove headfirst into the 2016 holiday season with new ideas and holiday advertisements that aren’t easily forgotten. Here are just a few of our favorite holiday commercials so far:

Apple uses Frankenstein to symbolize unity during the holidays

In the words of our senior project manager, Adele: “So cute. Want to die,” this Apple commercial really tugged at our team’s heart strings. When the little girl decided to join in with Frankie’s singing, we couldn’t help but tear up.

Aside from the adorable story line, the ending of Frankenstein’s anecdote really brought the advertisement full circle. Ending with the words “Open your heart to everyone,” Apple’s advertisement touched upon the current political atmosphere. Apple has a history of focusing in on unity in their advertisements like in their Human Family advertisement that spotlighted a Maya Angelou poem about global diversity.

With the current animosity post-election, this advertisement not only promotes Apple products, but encourages the acceptance of everyone despite background or ethnicity.

Xfinity bridges the gap with technology and different generations during the holidays

Beginning with a “celebrity reads mean tweets” vibe, there is just something hilarious about people reading snide subtweets about themselves. And there is something even funnier about grandparents reading passive aggressive subtweets.

Our VP of digital marketing Kait, loves the interaction between sentiment and humor that makes this advertisement so memorable.

When the grandparents acknowledge their dated lifestyle, they update and equip their homes with Xfinity cable and WiFi. The advertisement symbolizes a gap being closed between the younger generation and older generation, ultimately proving that technology can bring people together for the holidays rather than isolate people on their phones.

Amazon Prime touches on political atmosphere with religious acceptance holiday advertisements

Amazon Prime’s holiday commercial aired at a pivotal time for this country. Although some people may think that a holiday commercial prior to Thanksgiving is a little premature, some critics note the insinuated dig at early November president-elect Donald Trump.

Despite the political criticism of the advertisement, the Amazon Prime ad comments on the recurring holiday theme of bringing  family, friends,and colleagues together to celebrate the holiday season.

Our company president Nick, thinks that the Amazon Prime commercial “was a great way to bridge the cultural gap of religion. Because at the end of the day, we are all just people.”

The advertisement ends with both religious leaders on their knees, praying to their respective belief with the Amazon gift in use.

M&S creates advertisement celebrating Mrs. Claus’ holiday powers

Lastly, on a more lighthearted note, this M&S advertisement shows the feminine boss-lady side of the often forgotten about Mrs. Claus. M&S is an international, multi-channel retailer. Their advertisement exhibits an emotional response, as the little boy in the ad starts out fighting with his sister.

He writes a letter to Mrs. Claus asking for a special gift for his sister. Mrs. Claus sneaks out in her bright red helicopter, and sneaks a gift under their Christmas tree.

Our social media manager, Lizz, appreciates the emphasis behind Mrs. Claus, because in this advertisement Mrs. Claus can do just what Santa does and can make Christmas wishes come true.


These are just some of our favorite holiday advertisements so far. We are looking forward to more memorable ads as the holiday season continues. What holiday ads have stuck out to you?