Learn As You Grow: The Culture Creates Itself

“A great culture provides the context for people to deliver their best work.”

I found this quote in the Hubspot Culture Code and chose it to start the article because it simply states one of the most important variables of any business. Company culture. However, while I love the point of the quote, I actually believe that you should read it backwards and implement it to achieve the result.

Let’s try it.

“Putting people in a position to deliver their best work creates a great culture.” There, that’s better.

It’s impossible to argue the impact that a great company culture will have on your business. Results are obvious in a variety of ways, from bottom line performance to personal satisfaction. The challenge is how do you build a great company culture? In short, you don’t. If things are done correctly then the culture will build itself.

At Sparq Designs, we get a lot of compliments about our company culture from the people that observe us, work with us and ultimately desire to join us. For a long time, we couldn’t pinpoint what we were doing that made people want to be a part of Sparq Designs and it wasn’t until recently that I was able to realize that we haven’t done anything to intentionally create the effect.

The effect was the result of a general company philosophy that we have, “We want you to be doing the kind of work that you are best at, enjoy, and most importantly, have a passion for.”

If you come into work everyday and are put in a position that you are passionate about and do the kind of work that you like most, it becomes impossible not to love your environment and what you do. The combination of those feelings being shared among everyone around you permeates through the office and results in a positive culture and maximum performance.

Every time we hire someone we tell him or her that we never want this to become a place that they aren’t excited to be at. It’s bad for them and it is bad for the people around them. It’s important to hire people that fit the need you are looking for but you should also be sure that the person wants to fit the need.

Putting your people in the best possible situation for them to succeed and achieve personal satisfaction at their workplace is the path to a great culture and a place that everyone is excited to get to on a daily basis. Operate this way and you won’t have to take any specific step to create a great company culture, it happens naturally.

Jim Blundo is the Vice President at Sparq Designs, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh. He has been an integral part of Sparq’s growth since the start in 2013. “Learn As You Grow” is his testimony to what he has learned from the quick expansion of business from 2013 to today. Learn more about Jim here. If you have questions about building a relationship, contact the  Sparq team today.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in January 2016 but we liked it so much, we edited it with more information and media, and published it again.