Social Media Campaign/Brand Materials

Tres Rios is the first urban Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar to grace Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood. We had the opportunity to help take Tres Rios from concept to a reality through digital marketing and print materials.


Our idea to mesh traditional iconic Pittsburgh with an authentic Mexican aesthetic attracts the heavily-acclaimed Pittsburgh “foodie” demographic. Our objective was to create a website that entices foodies to head straight to Pittsburgh’s South Side. The website was designed as a way to get a taste of the Tres Rios experience, leaving users wanting more. From site map to user experience, the Andy Warhol inspired continuous scroll, markets the heavily anticipated food and tequila menu in an artistic fashion that parallels the interior design. You heard live from the Sparq conference room… we’ll make anyone wipe their drool off as they read the taco descriptions.


While the site was in development, we began to come up with the print materials that customers would see every visit at Tres Rios. This included creating a menu of over 30+ items, gift cards, window decals, and the t-shirts that each staff member wears at work.


One of the most exciting parts about working with a new brand like Tres Rios, is coming up with a voice and tone that resonates with customers. Just like your adorably sarcastic best friend that you can’t help but love, Tres Rios is witty, sassy, and fun in their postings and in their comment section.