Developing a brand that people grow to love.

The Internet is a very crowded space with so many businesses jockeying for position in search results and fighting just to be noticed. From the get-go, it’s important that you set yourself apart from the crowd.

The old expression of “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” may be trite and cliché but it will always be true. Attention deficit disorder is a legitimate condition but it’s also just the reality of the Internet. We’re allotted a very short amount of time – mere seconds by some estimates – to capture someone’s attention online before they lose interest and click to something else.

What can be done to look, sound, and feel different from your competitors? How do we make your business matter to more people?

These are the challenges we at Sparq Designs embrace when we’re assigned the task of building a brand identity for your business or rejuvenating one that has seen better days.

Branding Is More About Human Emotion than Marketing

Nobody knows your business like you. It’s your baby. Your business is an idea that originated in your head that you’ve brought to fruition through sheer determination and hard work. Your story is unique to you and we believe your branding must be as well.

We are creative strategists. We research. We write. We design. Our ideas and concepts can act as the foundation of your brand but we’re incapable of “making” your brand. Sure, our designers can create an eye-catching logo that identifies your business, and select the right colors and fonts to make everything “pop” visually, but these are just the aesthetic elements of your branding. A complete branding strategy is just as much about your voice and your messaging.

Good branding effectively communicates who you are, what you believe in, why you do what you do, and how you can help. It’s less about selling and more about building trust and establishing an emotional connection. Effective branding makes people feel as if they’re part of something.

A Sense of Community

The reason social media is now such an integral part of any brand building strategy is because it builds a community that people become part of. Your company name and logo is embedded into the brains of your Facebook and Twitter followers multiple times each day. You can use these accounts to position yourself as a content curator, trusted adviser, or expert in your field or niche. If you can teach, entertain, and speak to your audience’s needs and pain points, all while guiding them to a solution in your product or service, you’ve successfully created an identity for your business that people follow and respond to.

Do You Want a Motorcycle or a Harley?

Perhaps no other brand has done a better job of linking itself to Americana as the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Other companies make some really nice motorcycles but people pay extra to buy a Harley-Davidson because owning a Harley makes them feel something. The brand has become symbolic of individualism, the open road, and a way of living. Purchasing a Harley makes even the most rigid and square CEO or investment banker feel like a rugged outlaw. For this reason, Harley owners are unshakably loyal to the brand and make others long to own a Harley.

Branding Strategy | Pittsburgh, PA

We’ve helped a number of local businesses in the Pittsburgh region – Cranberry, Monroeville, Wexford, and Murrysville – build impactful brands. At its heart, a successful branding strategy is about giving your business an identity and personality, cultivating relationships, and nourishing prospects to the point where they become customers/clients and brand advocates.

Contact Sparq Designs today to set up a free consultation to discuss your branding strategy. Let us help you build a better brand.