Sparq Designs hires Senior Marketing Specialist

Eve Griffin, Sparq Designs Senior Marketing SpecialistPITTSBURGH – Sparq Designs is happy to welcome Senior Marketing Specialist Eve Griffin.

In the past four years, Sparq has grown from a team of two to 16. The regular of landing national accounts has made such growth a necessity, one that is anticipated to carry on well into the new year.

“We are so happy to welcome Eve to our ever-growing team. Our goal is to more than double last year’s revenue so we hope to be in the position to hire several times throughout 2018,” said Jim Blundo, Vice President of Sparq Designs.

Griffith joins Joe McAndrews to spearhead the Sparq business development strategy and are expected to help with the doubling of revenue.

“I’m so excited to be starting the next chapter of my career at Sparq Designs. Having a background of 10+ years of business development and strategic marketing, my goal was to find a company that was truly client focused. Too many times, a client can be funneled through a “process” and misses out on a true creative collaboration,” said Griffin. “Sparq’s team impressed me immediately with their in-depth knowledge of not only what the client goals were but the time and energy put forth into how to reach those customers in a fresh and innovative way. Every client at Sparq is truly treated as a unique creative and collaborative experience. 2018 is charted to be our biggest growth year yet, with goals to double our 2017 revenue. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this team!”

Stay up to date with Sparq Designs job listings throughout 2018 by heading to our home page and clicking “Join Our Squad.”

Sparq Designs is a full-service marketing agency based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sparq Designs caters to clients of all industries, but specifically in the medical, sports & entertainment, and consumer world. 2018 is Sparq’s fifth year in business. Since 2013, Sparq has grown rapidly into a team of 16+ employees. Sparq Designs’ services include but are not limited to: Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Video Production.

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