Document Over Create

Recently, I’ve been following Gary Vaynerchuk, the marketing genius behind his personal brand and company, VaynerMedia. Through his content and daily vlogs, which he titled DailyVee, he shows the value of documenting your everyday life and the rich content this is originates organically. Watching is his actions, opened my eyes to the many opportunities that documenting creates.

1. There is valuable content in everyday life. Based off Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee video series, Sparq Designs has been documenting everyday life at 15090 Perry Highway. The episodes featured on the Sparq Designs’ Youtube Channel, show the company culture, an insight into the creation of campaigns, industry-related input, as well as feature the office dog, Jack; a fan favorite. The episodes show the behind-the-scenes elements of the business, as well as capture valuable content that is authentically discussed throughout the day. Without even giving it a second thought or creating a theme that the video is centered around, documenting allows us to create content effortlessly.

2. People are interested in other people’s lives. In recent years, vlogging has become an increased trend on YouTube. Vloggers like Casey Neistat, Sarah Dietschy, or Erik Conover to name a few have brought us along on their daily life, whether they’re living in New York City, starting a new business, traveling around the world, or just chillin’ with friends; they tell their story through documenting their everyday life.

Casey Neistat started daily vlogging because he had the urge to create something everyday, as well as share and document his journey of starting his technology company, Beme. People instantly became obsessed about the way he documented his everyday life working and living in New York City. He made an average day in the Big Apple feel like an engaging movie by the way he shot certain angles, his commentary, and his jaw-dropping timelapses. Everyday wasn’t necessarily an adventure, but all 7 million of his subscribers were captivated by the way he documented his life. The interest in his vlogs opened many doors for him, even drawing the attention of CNN, which later bought his technology company, Beme for $25 million.

3. In documenting, you see the journey. Ever since I was young, I’ve been carrying a camera around wherever I go. I was obsessed with the capturing moments that would become memories. Nowadays, it’s even easier to document because of the quality of the cameras on our phones that fit perfectly in our pocket.

When I started at Sparq Designs in May 2016, there was only five employees. In one short year later, there are now fifteen employees, and we not only inhabit three offices, we now fill the entire floor. It’s interesting to dig back through my archive of footage and photos throughout that year and see how much we’ve grown. Throughout the past year, everyone has been working non-stop and it is sometimes hard when you’re fully engaged in the work to remember where we started and the journey that has brought us to where we are today. I look forward to continue documenting my journey working at Sparq Designs and capture the moments leading up to when we aren’t only filling an entire office, but an entire building.

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