Practice might not make perfect, but it does make for a better product

The old saying practice makes perfect is hard to justify. Perfection is something you can strive for but there will always be something that doesn’t quite add up to make it perfection. AND THAT’S OKAY. One of my favorite quotes to date is one from Gerard Way, “Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” And the imperfections are kind of what make design so beautiful. You’re not going to get it right the first time or second time, maybe not even the third or fourth but with every iteration you will learn something and it will improve into the masterpiece you envisioned.

What makes you stand out

I’m a firm believer in what makes you different is what makes you an asset. You see you can be the guy that wakes up in the morning and eats frosted flakes, with his black coffee, then take the bus into work everyday at precisely 9:15. Or you can be the guy that wakes up in the morning and eats frosted flakes with strawberries, with a coffee with one cream and sugar, and bikes to work. Pretty similar scenarios but those slight differences are what make each individual interesting and separates them from one another.

So first things first, learn to embrace those imperfections when it comes to design because once you do that you start coming up with your own niche.

Design with courage

Now once you are okay with messing up and trying new things you can sculpt yourself into a better designer. I think the most important thing is to do something completely random and out of your element. Challenge yourself. If you’re not challenging yourself you might as well not practice.

Be better tomorrow

Always push yourself to be better than the day before. I think the best way to learn something new is to push your boundaries and this is very important in the design world. There are so many things that your professor can teach you but there are 10 other skills they cant to every 1 skill they can. Its just not possible in the timeframe that college offers. And this is where practicing comes in handy.

Expand your resources

Watch videos (Youtube, Lynda, etc.), reach out to the people who inspire your designs, follow tutorials. There are countless ways to sharpen your skills and countless people who love design as much as you do and would be glad to teach you what they know. When watching these videos or following these tutorials be sure to not get frustrating, you are elevating your skills as a designer, its going to take time. The more videos you watch and tutorials you complete the better product you are going to produce for your agency.

We all want to be perfect but sometimes perfection isn’t always the way. I would much rather sit the person who has a bigger heart and willing to learn and push themselves over the perfectionist any day of the week, and at Sparq we are all pushing each other as one collective unit each and every day, which is what makes this place such an incredible place to be and work with.

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