My Summer in the Bullpen

In baseball, the bullpen is where pitchers warm-up and prepare before entering a game. The bullpen is a critical and essential space for pitchers because if they don’t properly prepare before entering the game, they could injure their arm and/or give up hits that may cost their team the win.Internships for students are like the bullpen for pitchers. An internship provides students with a taste of “real world experience” by working in a career that they hope to pursue after graduation.


The Bullpen at Sparq Designs

It is a stepping stone to network with industry thought leaders, an opportunity to apply the skills you’ve learned in the classroom directly to the working environment, and to contribute your unique skills to the company as it flourishes in success. Getting a job these days is very competitive and having an internship will not only set you apart from other candidates, but they are important for college students to gain valuable experience before entering the workforce.

At the beginning of the summer, Nick, President of Sparq Designs transformed a hallway storage closet into a revolutionary and modern looking office where the interns could work collaboratively to create and execute ideas. From that point on, Jim, the company Vice President, declared the interns’ office to be known as “the bullpen.” As an intern I shared the bullpen with Andrew, the other Sparq intern for the summer, and we had many laughs, meaningful conversations, and were able to help and advise each other with various tasks and projects. It was such a rewarding experience to not only learn alongside Andrew, but to also gain a true and genuine friendship.

As the Digital Marketing Intern for Sparq Designs, my responsibilities included designing content that would be displayed across various social media platforms, being sent out on photo shoots, updating content on websites, and a parachute of additional tasks. It was so rewarding to see an idea that you thought of in a brainstorming session being displayed in a business or the utilization of meaningful engagement created for social media. Even though I was an intern I felt like a valued member of the team and was contributing to the overall mission, vision, and success of Sparq Designs.


Sparq’s Summer 2016 Interns, Bri & Andrew

An instance that I remember vividly in my mind is when we developed a marketing video concept in a morning meeting for one of our clients, Glass Gone Wow. By mid-day, we shot and edited the video and by the end of the work day, we were able to see audience engagement from the video across their social media accounts. It was amazing to see the birth of an idea in a morning meeting and then see it come to fruition in a matter of hours.

Some of my favorite memories from the summer included the adventures we had walking to Whole Foods on our lunch break, conversations over $10 salads and Guru Energy Drinks. Having the chance to get to know the Sparq team on a personal level outside of the working environment made my internship experience even more enjoyable.  

After completing my summer internship at Sparq Designs, I feel that the experience I gained has prepared me for when the manager calls the bullpen, and tells me, it’s my time to enter the game.

At Sparq Designs we thrive on our ability to create and foster relationships; relationships between brands and consumers, and the relationships between our clients and ourselves. Internships are one of the most valuable experiences a student can gain during their undergraduate studies. While classroom work is important, real experience can help get your foot in the door when you enter the workforce. Learn about internship opportunities at Sparq Designs here.

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