Focus on your strengths; Build a team around the weaknesses.

It’s one of the most common self-improvement ideas; focus on turning weaknesses into strengths. But if one thinks about this statement I think that it can be counterproductive to personal growth and may actually be a more inefficient strategy.

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Look at any successful team and one will see a common denominator; people. Good coaches and leaders understand that to form a great team they must first find great people who complete that team. In order to successfully and efficiently build a team it is important to identify skill sets and people’s strengths that mesh well together.

In business, like in sports, it wouldn’t make much sense to build an entire team around one common successful skill set. For example, a software engineer whose expertise lies in development and design may be the best asset in terms of product creation, but may not be a great option in terms of sales and communication. To dedicate the time and effort to make the engineer a better seller and communicator may not be the best use of their time. Instead of trying to fix people’s weaknesses, why not focus on their strengths. By focusing on one’s strengths the time and effort is spent honing an already polished skill.

The increased productivity and results of a team who focuses on their strengths will be much greater than that of a team who is forced to focus on their weaknesses. A company is only as strong as their weakest link and if you have the opportunity to make that weak link stronger, you are bettering your team and productivity.

I believe that the best leaders are the ones who have the ability to set their pride and ego’s aside in order to see the bigger picture. Ultimately, a good leader understands people and where strengths and weaknesses lie within each of them. Focus on what they do well and support their efforts to become even better, while finding complimentary pieces who make the together, make your team’s skill set that much better.

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