Sparq Designs Opens Social Media Marketing Department

Fast building Web Design Company in Cranberry increases marketing department

Wexford, PA – Sparq Designs (www.sparqdesigns.com) recently expanded their expertise and moved to the fast-paced digital realm. By opening up a social media unit, the company has been able to improve the digital presence of their clients, while also bringing in new business seeking to markView More: http://jennahidingerphotography.pass.us/sparqwebsitephotoset to a wider, more active audience.

In opening up the social media unit, Sparq Designs brought in Kait Roth as their Vice President of Digital Marketing. Currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Communication Technology with a concentration in Social Media, Kait earned a full scholarship at Point Park University and brings a vast skillset to Sparq Designs. 

Before graduating from Westminster College in 2014, Kaitlin had five social media and digital marketing internships under her belt, including a summer internship at WordWrite and Pascale Communications. She worked at Epic Web Studios in Erie, PA as a Digital Media Strategist before coming to Sparq.

“We are really excited to have the knowledge and expertise that Kait brings from a social media standpoint. Kait has helped us expand vertically by opening up our social media department. We look forward to what she can pass along to our clients,” said Sparq Designs Founder Nick Brucker.

About Sparq Designs

Sparq Designs is a Creative Design and Website Development Company located just outside of Pittsburgh, in Cranberry, PA. Sparq specializes in brand development, design, web development, search engine optimization and social media.


Learn more about Kait Roth here!

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