Sparq Designs Opens Social Media Marketing Department

Fast building Web Design Company in Cranberry increases marketing department

Wexford, PA – Sparq Designs ( recently expanded their expertise and moved to the fast-paced digital realm. By opening up a social media unit, the company has been able to improve the digital presence of their clients, while also bringing in new business seeking to markView More: to a wider, more active audience.

In opening up the social media unit, Sparq Designs brought in Kait Roth as their Vice President of Digital Marketing. Currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Communication Technology with a concentration in Social Media, Kait earned a full scholarship at Point Park University and brings a vast skillset to Sparq Designs. 

Before graduating from Westminster College in 2014, Kaitlin had five social media and digital marketing internships under her belt, including a summer internship at WordWrite and Pascale Communications. She worked at Epic Web Studios in Erie, PA as a Digital Media Strategist before coming to Sparq.

“We are really excited to have the knowledge and expertise that Kait brings from a social media standpoint. Kait has helped us expand vertically by opening up our social media department. We look forward to what she can pass along to our clients,” said Sparq Designs Founder Nick Brucker.

About Sparq Designs

Sparq Designs is a Creative Design and Website Development Company located just outside of Pittsburgh, in Cranberry, PA. Sparq specializes in brand development, design, web development, search engine optimization and social media.


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Why Having a Social Media Campaign Strategy is Important

One of the most frustrating statements a Social Media Manager will ever hear is, “I can run my own Facebook page – it’s not that hard.”

To a point, that’s true, it’s not that hard to throw a tweet on your profile whenever you feel like it. It’s not that hard to slap a logo on an image and post it on your Facebook, I get that. But there are some factors that tend to get overlooked when you do your own social media without a consultant or an agency.

Sometimes I have to remind people that Social Media Managers do this for a living. We create campaigns and look for the best ways to execute them, not just for our health, but for the sheer fact that it’s what we do. We enjoy the thrill of seeing a campaign come to life after months of research. We believe that having a social media campaign strategy is extremely important and here is why I believe that is.


You can identify goals and objectives – and reach them.

It’s important to determine what you want out of your social media campaign. Do you want more followers? Would you like to improve your online sales by 5%? Are you running an in-store special and want more people in the door? Identify these goals and then plan your social media around that.  How are you going to use social media to get you there? Choose two or three goals and build from there. Objectives are specific and measurable approaches to reach those goals. Have a deadline to reach those objectives and work to get there.

SWOT & Competitor Analysis 

All traditional marketing campaigns have a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), so why shouldn’t a social media campaign? Sometimes a SWOT analysis is a great opportunity to see what your company is doing right and what you can improve on. What are your competitors doing on social media? What will build brand loyalty to your company, and create overall thought leadership from your audience? In order to bring in new business, it’s necessary to evaluate SWOT and competitors.

Find your audience 

You might think you know your audience, but if you plan a social media strategy based around “35 year old women who tend to spend $250 or more online,” and you aren’t getting any results from it, then you need to understand your audience better. A social media campaign strategy will not only help you plan to market to your target audience, but can assist in identifying who you should be marketing to. Once you know your audience, your posting becomes much simpler.

Content Calendars

Having a strategy lays out goals and objectives so that they sit right in front of you. Having that information constantly at hand helps managers to make content calendars that coincide with the end goal. Content calendars are extremely useful for digital marketers. We can see in front of us what we will be scheduling for the week, and we can decide whether or not we are going to post in the order we have content ready for. We can also make room for daily posts such as natural disasters or fun holidays like “National Donut Day.”



If you have an objective put in place to help you reach a goal, chances are that you are going to watch how your posts are performing like a hawk. Having a social media campaign strategy ensures that you will be looking at your content. Gone are the days where you would throw content up on your Facebook page and “hoped it worked.” With a social media campaign strategy, Social Media Managers are able to know exactly what is working, and can figure out why it isn’t very quickly.

So yes, it still is quite simple to post on Facebook. But if you commit a little bit of time to creating a social media campaign strategy, you will find that you are going to get the results you’ve always wanted.
If you need help with your social media account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Adele Stewart is a Senior Project Manager at Sparq Designs, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh. Learn more about her, here. If you have questions about social media marketing, contact the  Sparq team today.

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Takeaways from the Twitter Chat Experience

Twitter has become a platform of many resources to brands and organizations alike. There are ways to interact, broadcast information, sell, recruit, and share media. Last week however, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and experienced one of the platforms’ growing ways to engage, the Twitter chat.

Twitter chats are first and foremost online discussions surrounding an industry or topic within an industry. I selected to follow the Content Marketing Institute’sContent World chat. Twitter chats are hosted at a specific time each week, and have a planned hashtag to follow. CMI’s hashtag was #CMWorld, and participants were to answer the 8 questions surrounding content creation.

After the chat ended I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I start doing this earlier?” Since those thoughts rang through my mind, I’ve compiled a list of a few of the positives that can come from participating in a Twitter chat as a business or individual.

Thought Leadership

Yes I used the almighty buzz phrase, thought leadership. But it is oh so appropriate to describe the sensational results of Twitter chat participation. With each chat having a specific topic or purpose, participants and leaders are establishing themselves as an active member of an industry, topic, or theme. People attend conferences to gain knowledge in their filed, and Twitter chats run in the same concept. You broaden your reach; add ideas and thoughts while targeting those statements at a larger community following the chat. While leading a chat and providing a stimulating series of content is the best way to establish yourself as a thought leader on Twitter, simply participating can help pave the way as well.

Creating Conversation & Relationships

Agree or disagree, the answers to the questions relative or not, varied in response to the #CMWorld Twitter chat leader tweets. By clicking on the hashtag from your desktop, mobile stream, or following along through a CMS, you will get replies from those who differ in opinion, and people who agree and love your ideas. Twitter is a conversation, and searching for a Twitter chat to participate in is one of the best ways to find a conversation you want to be part of, and instantly partake in it. I gained several industry followers who now send me content and interact with my content as a result of the chat, and I was added to several content-related lists. The positive of technology is the ability to be remote and still form valuable relationships with your followers. It helps humanize you, and keep you relevant if you are joining in.

New Ideas

One of the questions in the Twitter chat posed to the followers was “How do you make space for creativity?” While the responses we’re all varied, and there was no wrong or right answer, the hashtag I followed gave me many new ideas to make sure I’m properly equipped to create great content. There are opportunities to learn techniques and information simply my seeing what other participants have to say.

These are just a few of the positives that derived from my first Twitter chat experience, I would love to hear advice, potential chats I should partake in, or just thoughts on the subject in general.