What impact can a strong Government Brand have on your community?

Utilizing a Powerful Web Presence & SEO for Government organizations

Government, just like any organization or commercial business, must hit the proverbial “reset” button from time to time. The election cycle itself makes it so voters have to select a new voice with fresh ideas every-so-often. Sometimes you’ll notice that a newly elected official will often have to “re-brand” a municipal website to indicate there’s “new government” in town. There will also be the occasional need to shift marketing focus; to change how a city or county markets itself to visitors and residents  looking to buy, rent, or invest in the local region.

Here are a few instances how a strong government website can help your community :

1. Transparency – Citizens today demand greater transparency from elected officials and government. They demand more insight into how their tax dollars are spent. They hold politicians accountable and want reassurance that their elected officials are carrying out day-to-day responsibilities ethically. Thanks to the cloud, local and regional government can post information about their operations and decision-making processes online where it is readily available to the public. Council meetings can also be streamed live, or viewed On Demand, via the Internet to further promote a more “open government” with greater transparency and nothing to hide.

2. Engagement – Government at its best is participatory and collaborative. The Internet is a great way for local government to engage constituents and encourage public feedback, input, and collaboration. If everyone feels involved in policymaking, and shaping the region, it will likely result in a government that’s more in tune with the needs of its citizens and regional businesses.

3. Message Delivery – The Internet gives local government the ability to quickly disburse its messaging to the general public and media. Whether it’s promoting regional attractions, informing residents of programs, services, and job opportunities, or communicating through inclement weather, crime or public safety alerts, the web is the easiest way for government to quickly distribute information to a broad range of people at once.

4. Perception – The way that residents, investors, and people employed in certain regions feel about their county, city, and township means a lot. Often times a website is the first thing that people will check when they search for information. Having a visually appealing and user-friendly government website is a must in today’s digital world. The ability to provide a useful tool and an outlet for investors, residents, and visitors is something that governments need to address as our evolving world continues move at such a fast pace.

We have selected our picks for the best County websites in Pennsylvania: