Google’s Latest Update: How It May Affect Your Rankings

On July 24, Google released its latest search algorithm change. In an ongoing attempt to refine local search results, this update, named “Pigeon” puts more emphasis on the location of the user to refine the search results.

So, what do we know thus far about “Pigeon” and how is it going to affect your SEO results? So far, it seems that local business directories and review sites including: Yelp, Google+, etc., have seen greater visibility in search queries.   After taking a look at our current clients, we were able to see favorable increases in organic traffic after the July 24th update.

Although it is not completely clear how the update will affect rankings, here are some things that you may want to take into consideration as Google aims to improve “location-based searches”:

  1. Verify your  business address with Google Places
  2. Provide as much information about your business in online directories as possible
  3. Make an attempt to increase customer reviews on your Google+ page
  4. Focus on quality content for your web pages–and localize your focus keywords
  5. Look to obtain links from outbound sites to your pages

We will have a better understanding of Google’s algorithm changes in the days and weeks to come.