A look into our recent web and client portfolio

Legacies Alive

legacies_workLegacies Alive strengthens and supports every family of the fallen and brings national awareness to the life and character of each service member who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. One of their biggest obstacles was that they were not getting mainstream exposure. We created web and mobile platforms as a pedestal to reach these Gold Star families, and to generate public attention beyond the performance of their Legacy Challenges. Now they are actively updating their website and bringing in multiple partners and sponsors to promote themselves.

Gaskets Rock

gaskets_workAsk anyone in the restaurant industry what product they think is the most important to keeping their business flowing, and they will tell you “refrigerator gaskets.” Gaskets keep refrigerator doors closed and can often wear out after a few short months. Gaskets Rock provides a product that really works, and really lasts – in fact, they manufacture the best OEM quality kitchen gaskets in the world. In order to really market their product and drive sales, we set out to re-brand their entire online presence. We developed a new desktop-friendly and a mobile responsive site that was filled to the brim with keywords optimized to rank well on a search engine results page.

Cocoa Elite

cocoa_workA supplement start up company came to us with a lifestyle product. Our goal was to create an engaging brand that appeals to all athletes and a wide demographic. We were able to create a visually appealing site that compliments the product across all marketing platforms. Our ability to create an uninterrupted user experience for users is what the client was looking for and we were able to achieve that.

Moving into 2016 the Cocoa Elite brand is poised for a break out year by growing their footprint in the health and fitness community!


Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

Lawrence County is comprised of 91,000 residents from Beaver to Washington, PA. A county website should be chock-full of information that current and future residents have access to. Lawrence County came to Sparq to completely rebrand their site, and to fill it with useful resources regarding properties and tax records, while also installing a feature to view and pay taxes. We even built up their business pages on Facebook and on Google+ so they could share fun events happening in the area, and give followers an “inside peek” at weekly Commissioner meetings.

Loafer’s Bread Company

loafers_workLoafer’s Bread Company is a large name in Pittsburgh, so it was important to make their digital presence just as large. We researched their company, analyzed their customers, consuming lots of bread along the way, in order to capitalize off of their Pittsburgh-based popularity. We crafted an entire marketing campaign for Loafer’s including the rebranding of their website, constructing a mobile responsive site, building out content to optimize the site for search engine rankings, and lastly, creating a social media campaign that focused primarily on engaging with satisfied customers.

Dessie Mitcheson

dessie_workPittsburgh native and Los Angeles model Dessie Mitcheson met with us in January 2015 with the request that we help build her a website. Dessie was our first “celebrity account,” and was an exciting project for us to pick up. On top of winning multiple Miss Pennsylvania titles, Dessie has been featured in Maxim, so it was vital to her up-and-coming career to showcase her past projects and current work online. We created a digital presence for Dessie that coincides with her energetic and passionate personality, while also featuring her craft.

MAC Safety

MAC_workMAC Safety Consultants started with Sparq in 2013 on a mission to bring in more business and more employees in return. Going in, MAC Safety didn’t really have a strategy, but the business had upside potential. As a family-owned business with only four employees, they really didn’t know how to market themselves. We revamped their entire marketing strategy by developing a search engine optimization campaign backed up with an active social media presence and a new website. We were able to help them grow their business 1,100% in one year – talk about ROI! Since then MAC Safety has opened up new markets in New England and has had features in Associated Press, Sports Illustrated, NY Times for their expertise in stadium safety consulting.

Polished Dental

polished_workPolished Dental is a cosmetic dental practice located in downtown Pittsburgh. Coming into Sparq, their goal was to attract more cosmetic clients – the patients who need specific care like dental crowns, teeth whitening and night-guards for TMJ/Bruxism. Since Pittsburgh is such a large marketing, we wanted to produce a strategy that highlighted Dr. Troupe and the Polished Dental team as the industry leaders. With this in mind, we created a new modern and engaging web platform for them, and wrote new website content that explicitly pertained to these services in particular.