It’s a Merry Mobile Holiday!

More holiday shoppers are doing their gift buying via their mobile device this year more than ever. Most aren’t even waiting until they’re at home to start looking for the perfect gift for a coworker – they’re doing it in the middle of office cooler talk.

Mobile Holiday Shopping is extremely popular this year

It’s important to be at-the-ready for these mobile shoppers whenever they decide to get online. Because the fast-paced environment of mobile makes it nearly impossible to grab people’s attention when they’re browsing, marketers should play close attention to the consumer trends and data analysis that make up these micro-moments.

According to Google’s recent consumer report, Holiday Shopping Trends, oversized catalogs chock full of variety are out, and “the web, rich with visuals and videos, is where people go to browse.”

YouTube is beginning to pick up traction in the gift searching game. Many YouTubers are promoting the perfect gifts and have been endorsing their favorite products to buy. About 70% of the time these “endorsement” videos are watched on mobile. Many people are actively searching YouTube for gift ideas because they can hear testimonials and oftentimes see the product in use before they buy it.

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Last year, reading reviews was one of the top three actions that mobile shoppers took into account when searching for gifts to buy. As consumers, we don’t like to deal with the stress that comes with sorting through pages of search results. We want only the best results narrowed down and available to us, hence why Google searches for “best” products grew by more than 50% in the last year. Online reviews go hand-in-hand with the “best” results. In fact, 83% of consumers said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

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In addition to being visually available and being the hypothetical “best” product for online shoppers, brands should consider being available across multiple mediums. Mobile in-store searches are up by over 30%, meaning if a pant size is not available in store, customers should be able to order it online. Online offers should also include free shipping, which just so happened to be the most used promotion last holiday season – more than coupons or discounts.

If you read this article on your phone or are a mobile shopper, you’re already a step ahead of everyone else. If you need help making your products available on mobile for the holidays, you know who to contact. (It’s us, if you don’t.)

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