New year, new you: why you should consider an online marketing company in 2017

2017 is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Consider incorporating an online marketing company in Pittsburgh into your company’s resolutions and goals as you move forward into the new year.


We all know that New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start fresh in the new year.  Moving forward, we can meet your goals that got swept up in the hectic hurricane that was 2016. This year, try to create New Year’s resolutions as a fun way to introduce your company’s goals for 2017.

As 2017 pressure starts to weigh down on the last few weeks of 2016, you and your company’s stakeholders should be thinking of how to successfully move into 2017.

What are your goals?

If your 2017 company goals are any of the following, then you should contact us as your online marketing company.

  • become proactively involved in the development of your company’s long-term strategy
  • move away from traditional advertising and breach the online marketing world
  • financially see your return on investment in regards to external expenses like advertising
  • build your external reputation as your company grows
  • spend more time on growth and expansion rather than menial every day tasks

Overall, we can help you solidify your brand, create more time for your company to focus on your business, and enhance your return on investment that you couldn’t otherwise track with traditional advertising.

Our services include (not limited to):

Web design and development. First and foremost, when was your last website created? If your website was created over one year ago, then you should already be in contact with us.  As the internet rapidly changes, your website needs a makeover in order to be mobile-responsive. You need to be up-to-date with current trends and functionality and assessed for the best design to efficiently reflect your brand in the present day.

Online Marketing. Online marketing has moved from a trend to an absolute necessity for a business. We offer the most key services to increase your online marketing presence.

  • Our online marketing services include (are not limited to)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO
    • AdWords (PPC)
    • Email Marketing
    • Blog-writing
    • Campaign Implementation and Creation

Brand Development. Whether your brand is new or already created, we possess the tools to make your brand recognizable.

  • Our branding services include (not limited to)
    • Graphic Design
    • Logo Creation
    • Brand Recognition Strategies
    • Brand management

Video Production. Video production is our newest line of business. Consequently, as online marketing efforts are increasing and becoming a necessity, visual representation only continues to rise. We create high-quality & creative marketing videos for any platform to enhance your company’s  brand and vision.

Conclusively, as you find yourself creating business goals for 2017, consider us as your online marketing company in Pittsburgh.

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